Sylvia Lippmann is an acrylic abstract painter. Although she initially devoted most of her time to painting abstract florals and landscapes, Sylvia became more and more drawn to non-representational painting as an effective and satisfying way to express her emotions and experiences.

Sylvia was a shy, introverted teen who began painting in high school. She embraced painting as a form of self-expression that didn’t require her to talk to people! These days, she is more interested in avoiding her own mental conversations while painting. As she stands before a blank canvas, she takes the time to quiet her mind, release her expectations, and open her heart to infinite possibilities. She then enters the ever-changing stream of experience while striving to express the fluidity of that experience.

Sylvia is primarily a self-taught artist who has studied privately with several abstract painters. Specific artists that influence her work include Richard Diebenkorn, Georgia O’Keefe, Helen Frankenthaler, Arshile Gorky, and Franz Kline.

Before becoming a full-time artist, Sylvia worked as a special education teacher and community college coordinator. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband Dan. They are the parents of three grown children, and the new grandparents of a beautiful baby boy. Sylvia enjoys having easy access to the Art Institute of Chicago, where she takes classes and finds continual inspiration.